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I need only one

With blood in the veins,

Rather than one thousand

4778039229_4530196fc7.jpgWith water in the veins!


Lo, it's not about positions, power and strength,

But about my future,

your future, our future!

Lo, it's not the matter of

Who is an eloquent

Or who is the leader,

But it's that we have to

rise against the bureaucracy!

Lo, it's not a fact that

We are 'mere' students,

But it's a truth that

We are 'the' students!

We are 'the' youth!


Old bones are weak and brittle

But youth with old minds are more fragile!

Bear in mind the great words

"Mattuvin chattangale swayamallenkil

Mattumathukalee ningalethaan....!"

We are not to resist changes,

But we are here to create changes!

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