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The fragrance of a first kiss,
It is ecstatic!
When the new rain comes,
That takes me to some fragrant memories!

The water channels
Take me to the days,
When I made play-boats!
The cool wind through my window
Takes me to the childhood,
When I held my blanket even more tightly
Lazy to get up early!
The tiny droplets from the roof
Take me to the schooldays,
When I used to wet in rain!
The breeze with drizzle
Takes me to feel nature,
Where I heard the symphony!

It is always nostalgic
The rain has some magical powers...


When I was in nursery I sang,

Rain rain go away

Come again another day

Little Johny wants to play

Rain rain go away.

But today

Iam crying in vain for rain...!

Plant more trees

Do something urgently

To save our MOTHER EARTH and ourselves from Global warming!

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