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Hey dudes, today I'll tell you the most beautiful and easy way to success! I figured this out from my own experience and I guarantee this So, the most beautiful secret of success is being happy always. It doesn't just mean you enjoying only those which you like to enjoy such as a movie, a party, so and so..But I tell, beyond that, enjoy that what you do now, at the right moment; with a reverent heart for those who made you happy and makes you happy; with a gratitude to God for gifting this moment; with a heart wishing success and prosperity to all.


Infact, the word "success" or the thing 'success' is relative. Without failure, we wouldn't have realized success! But in actual sense, neither success nor failure is real. When we expect a result for only what we have done or for only the pain we took and if we get the same result, then it is success. If we get more than what we expected, ie; when preparation meets opportunity, then it is luck (courtesy: Author Randy Pousch).


So be happy with everyone and everything; be happy with the present moment and always believe that GOD HAS A GREAT PLAN FOR YOU, for WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOURSELF IS WHAT YOU ARE!

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