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Life is so beautiful with all those idiotic friends (I use "idiot" when I feel so close), loving parents and siblings, more cracky deeds, and lot more...We complain when we are screwed up with pain and grief at times in life! But why we don't complain when we enjoy things or when we are happy? So we don't have the right to complain !!!


Life goes on and on...

Like a river it flows

Without stopping until its ocean is reached!


Life goes on and on...

There are times of difficulties and pains

Like, not always the surface is smooth, But

Don't give up easily

For it is our patience that is tested!

Nothing in this life can long forever,

Even the good days!

For there is always a reaction for an action!


Life goes on and on...

Believe in, 'Depressions are the gap filling elements'

To fiil up the blanks made by happy times

For we can't enjoy the nectar unless

We know what is sour!!

Life goes on and on...



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