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Life is an irony. Some live in the palaces, Whilst some in the slum. Some are protected, Whilst some are forlorn. Some are chaste, While some are with vices. Some are rich, Whilst some in penury. Yes, Life is a paradox! Life is an irony. With loads of...

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I would like to share the epitomes of two entirely different books I've read recently.One is the great work of a great soul, Anne Frank, ANNE FRANK- THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL. I watched my childhood in her (character) as an outsider. But it is certain...

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I'll share with you my experiances and visions I aquired from the youth camp I behalved on October 1,2 & 3 at Puttaparthi, ma beloved swami's place (physically). 30/09/09 Friday Reached Puttaparthy for my second youth camp.It was already half past 2pm...

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