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Seven chords of a melody to be happy

1) Appreciate the creation and creator:

When you come across something,(eg: a flower, even a small fly) try to appreciate its beauty, for everything has its own innate beauty and the Supreme Creator, for none other than HIM could have done this. Give a smile thinking how fortunate we all are to see them, feel them and know them. 

2) Smile from the heart, but not just from the lips:

When you smile at somebody let the source of that smile is your heart rather than your mind. The best way to smile from heart is not to judge anybody when you come across them. When you judge somebody, your mind works at that and blocks your heart. The most important thing, smile at anybody who comes your way, for a smile can make many things right, can mend many broken relationships, can make many relations and more over, can create a tinge of hope and assurance in the opposite person. Smile at others as a service, not for them but for you. I guarantee, that makes you feel accomplished.

3) Learn to trust:

By this I don’t mean that we should not be aware of the pit falls that may come in our way. But when you learn to trust someone or something, you will feel more secured and comfortable. 

4) Have hope:

Have hope that everything will turn out good, for hope keeps us move on in life. Always believe that everything happens for a good reason and the hard times too will pass away, for nothing is permanent. Once the whole drama is revealed, we will clap at that with happy hearts.

5) Surrender yourself to the supreme or to your higher self:

Have unfathomable faith in God/Supreme power/your Higher Self that the almighty is guarding, guiding and walking besides us. Don’t you feel HIS assurance on your shoulder right now? Yes, HE is there right beside you to walk along, right inside you to guide and surrounds you to protect. Nothing can harm you or dishearten you, for we are meant to be blissful always.

6) Never keep expectations:

This is one of the most important elements. That’s why I thought to mention at the last part. We are humans and obviously we expect. This can’t be ruled out. But, just think, who are we to expect from others? Are they obliged to us in any way to expect from them? Why the hell we help others with an expectation? It’s better if you don’t help others rather than helping with an expectation. 
When we expect something, we are limiting ourselves. For example, I love my friends expecting that they will love me in return THIS MUCH. This “THIS MUCH” is the limiting factor. Rather than this, if I love them without expecting them to return the same amount of love, I’ll be happier for even the very little amount of love they shower on me, right?? it's not the amount that matters, but our attitude. This applies to all kinds of love and other expectations. Try this, you will find yourself happier day by day.

7) Love more; never hate:

Hating someone is just a bubble covering the real love. In fact, it’s because we love the person, we hate them. Hating is another form of love, a negative form. When you love unconditionally and selflessly, you will feel blissful. Even if the person doesn’t love you, love him/her more and more day by day. It doesn’t mean that we should cling to them telling we love them, but love with all your heart, I mean everybody. The very nature of human is love, but just that we are not aware of that. We can love anyone and anything to any extent. If we say, “I can’t love him/her/that, it’s our narrow mindedness. But the key phrase is LOVE WITHOUT EXPECTATION. We can hate somebody for the wrong they did, but it’s easy and energy saving to forgive and forget and to love even more. When we forgive and love, life becomes easier and cool.

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