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Hey guys, I was so busy with exams that i could not come up here often! Those days were a bit horribly bad! Shhh....!! Even though, it is just ten days semester break, feeling like Iam in heaven. I spend 2.5 days with Sruthi (my lovely sis) and Appuettan in Bangalore. She is such a sweet heart, that her way of caring for me made Appuettan envy on me!! (juz giggle).. She cares this much or even more for him too,ok! May be because that we both are Ariens that our way of caring, sharing and understanding are alike and we can read each other's mind! She just satisfied my needs and wishes before I asked for! That was really lovely to stay there. She got me Eclipse and Breaking Dawn this time (she gifted me New Moon for my birthday) and a couple of dresses and other things. I loved the room she provided me, to be specific the coat. Whenever I lied on the coat under the quilt, covering me completely, I felt the need of someone big and warm to hug me tightly close (the idea came from the scene in New Moon).It was very comfortable underneath the huge blanket. I simply loved the warmth inside when it was chilling outside! The days went very fast and I was waiting in the railway station for my train to Calicut..

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sruthi 07/10/2010 10:49

awwwww.... ma darling... coochie coo.... mwaaahhh.... love u:)

Hermionie 07/10/2010 16:57

love u lotzzzzzzzzzzzzz....miss u.................