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I have to protect myself

So I lock my hands against my chest!


I have to walk long myself

So I walk down the street alone, silently!


I have to discover myself

So I think differently!


I have to express myself

So I jot down everything!


I have to be gentle to myself

So I say NO to evils!


I have to be responsive to myself

So I shout against the injustice!


I have to be responsible to myself

So I take care of forlorn counterparts!


I have to be sincere to myself

So I feel empathy for others!


I have to be original to myself

So I don't feign!


Please don't stone me

For being myself!!!

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sam 08/24/2010 22:07

rings some bells, but could not make out the meaning and theme completely

puvi 08/26/2010 09:45