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We were assigned to do the watershed management project of the Chunda ward of Ittiva Grama Panchayat. Nandakumar Sir and we six (myself, Asha Sasi<Sasi>, Meera Bhai<Meera Chettan>, Noelin, Reshma<Chaku> and Vidya) started the trekking, well, a path exploration by 10:30am with the instructions from the Panchayat President, Sharief Sir (the knowledge of this man about the area routes and people over powered his education status only upto 4th standard!).


The journey was a breath taking one.Even, we enjoyed it alot. Walking for many hours at a stretch by observing the various land features and collecting data. Actually, I was studyng our teacher (Dr.Nandakumar) the whole day! He is such a wonderful person who chatted with people making them feel whether they have been friends forever! He is such astrong personality who has got an immanse will power which made him to rise above his weaknesses and tiredness! He is a patient who suffered from paralysis on right side after an accident!


On the way we met a true farmer, Sankarakuruppu (true in the sense, he loved land and cultivation more than anything else). His words stumbled when he became emotional from the view point of a farmer about the cultivation. For lunch we managed to find a place near a rubber nursery (formed by filling up of wetland meant for paddy). The lunch time was interesting as we had already packed the food for us and shared that with our teacher.We washed our hands and boxes from a stream nearby. Let me tell you something in between, I feel lucky enough that I joined to study Agriculture. I could touch our culture, people, society and more, that are unexplainable by simple words.


After lunch we started the journey again. We met with different kinds of people. But I say that all were very co-operative (a rare phenomenon to be experianced in a town or a city). By 5:30pm we reached the starting point. By the time, we got a lot of informations and still had the other side to cover, for the next day!

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