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Jenish asked me, "why Iam not writing about me in blog?" Really it hurted and I felt embarrassed about the doubt! How dare Iam not to write about my similar frequency...!


Yes, you are one of the wonderful gifts that God had granted me before my birth. Before birth because, I can feel a knot of many reincarnations between us! We have the same level of insanity, same way of talking, same way of thinking and all. It is true that we do have many differences. But that too are strangely similar! It is like you understand me well before I talk out the thing! Only one whom I wanted to appreciate my singing, because, you are the only one who always did that even my singing was worse, I think!! I feel for you like a brother, a friend, a strong supporting system, more over the very similar frequency!


                                                                                                           with love Chakki...

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Dinken 08/14/2010 15:20

WON at last...!!

Firstly, thank you Cho Much dear... Now I stop being envious of others (ente kuzhindhu mari tto) ... Even tho you scribble it little bit short I Loved it..

"Similar Frequency" ..Dear u r right.. and its really confusing how come we have similar traits..

Once again thank you my chakkiiii..for everthin you did 4 me... Luvz U..alottttttzzzzz
U're the Apple of my eye..!!

Hermionie 08/15/2010 07:34

Wow...dats grt compliment!scribbld nly a bit coz u knw d rst nd let us preserve the rest for our fututr letters...rit!der s no ny confusion dat hw cum v hav similar traits coz evrythng happns for
a reason!itz coz it was already written that v vl meet sum day!!and it happened!