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The theme came to my mind from a weird thought: I visualized of getting an alzheimer's disease after my marriage, without being able to know others, to identify others,to feel for anything in this world; without being able to know the very existance!!! That will be the most terrific punishment that one can ever get; do you guys agree with me? Then proceed with this bit...


She weeped

Gazing at the nail on the wall

Sitting in the wheel chair!

For she couldn't feel the love,

For she couldn't hear them,

For she couldn't chat with them.


"Alice, you hear me?",

Joe pleaded.

She forgot the meaning,

She forgot that she was weeping,

She forgot that tears are not to taste.


The past images flashed in her brain

But, for a fleeting second.

She forgot that she was in his arms!


Joe's hugging, even was in vain,

For Alice just stared at his eyes!

With a cold expression.

She forgot everything.


Her face blurred in his eyes,

As they watered suddenly!

For she forgot to react,

For she forgot everything!

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