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My blog will be like a desert without having a word on my mother,the supporting system of my life!! If Iam given a chance to talk about her,I could have done till doomsday. My inventiveness on this subject will never get exhausted.The idea of writing about her got birth at 1.35pm on 13-03-09 while we were travelling side by side. We used to talk much more deep, albeit time doesn't allow always,

At times, i think about her death (kick myself to think so). Still that sombre thought sometimes conquer my mind and take me to an abandoned world. I wonder, whether I may manage to face light if it ever happens!! It is she,whom I admire most in this world; whom I love more than myself in this whole earth; whom Iam living for..The last one may be reversed,because,she is alive only for we three angels (Sruthi,Punnia,Sachu). Even the earthquake can't shake her, but when it comes to us she just can't with stand herself.

Even though she don't take long boring sermons,each of her word is to be followed. She is the truth for me. With the meloncholy in her eyes she draws a smile always on her lips,whenever I approach her with any distress. I admire her boldness. She is (or made) bold enough to face any hardships in life.

I love her as more as anything in this world. In this whole earth ,it is we three who are her dreams,desires and promises...SHE IS THE BEST MOM EVER A DAUGHTER CAN HAVE IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!!! 

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Same Dinkan 12/25/2009 21:13

Some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers the purpose is same (No need to loose them Or need more, more love from them...)

Here I think "Punya in first Cat." And that makes u more happy and makes your words much Gr8...

MIs U..

(Whr r u.. No newzz Huh..)

Hermionie 12/28/2009 05:42

ma amma is both...both scolding and kissing..and dat makes her gr8!

Hermionie 05/11/2009 09:48

thatz it da!!!!!!iam byond words or i cnt make a mansion of words to explain ma feeling for her.....shezz simply the best...

sam 04/09/2009 14:17

not a comment, but i feel that not only will your blog be incomplete without your mother mentioned, but whatever you may happen to write ever "it never i mean never gets better than this "b'coz there's nothing in life even close >>>>>>to a mother........

sruthi 03/16/2009 04:08

Yes my dear............ i agree with u, ur blog cud never be complete with out quoting about THE MOST WONDERFUL MOM EVER A DAUGHTER CUD HAVE IN THE WHOLE WORLD,EARTH,UNIVERSE,GALAXIESSSSSSSSSSSSS.