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To scribble something in my blog, and that for the first time, is trembling as Iam not an eloquent.Still i know it doesn't matter because its you, my beloved ones who is going to read through this. Anyway let me start with the whole hearted gratitude to my sister who enlightened my way to blog writing

Let me commence this blogging by sharing you all my experiences with the book Khazakinte Ithihasam,the great work of our eminent author O.V.Vijayan (Hats off..). This book picturises the soul of the place Khazak,each character depicting different faces of a bucolic life.

Kannil surumayum kalil thandayumittu
Oru penkutty chethaliyude thazhvarayil 
Avide thanichu ninna chempakathinte
Chillayodichu poo nulliyeduthappol
Chempakam paranju...
Anujathi,nee enne marannuvallo....

The character who could touch my heart was Abidha.She poignantly portraits the wounded desires of an adolescent girl; who dreamt a happy life with her father and step mother,but ended up in a retreat.Maimuna has got the face of a chatter box of the rustic place, blathering everything from here & there with her twin in blathering. Here comes our famous Mollaka,the one who is running a madrassa in the place. He has got the grimace of a responsible citizen of Khazak. But, with the entry of Naizam Ali(Khaliyar), his importance was diminishing. Aliyar runs a pan-shop in the place,where he would entertain the chit-chats & gossips of the localites. Now comes our Kuppuvachhan,who is a balance sheet of a shattered life. He is with lots of regrets and detachment due to the severance with his wife. He used to report abuse on every one.ya, my favourite, interesting character is Appukkili;who is the remain of deeds of several transmigrations. Hey then,the last but not the least character, the central one of the story, Ravi portraits the quest for existence, a wayfarer...He is a teacher in an informal education centre in Khazak & the story is about his existential crises. The novel ends when Ravi begins his journey to some other realms of existence. The existential puzzle of man, as to why he should exist is thoroughly explored in this novel....

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Hermionie 06/24/2009 09:27

there the village KHAZAk is an imaginary its true that change cant occur for has got the significance in present life as various human natures are portrayed very well in the book by O.V. His Madhuram Gayathi is also a gud one.

jaseem 06/23/2009 14:30

i read it recently..i think it has a different style/portrait of charecters when compared to others; works(of M.T,Perumpadavam,Madhavikkutti)

I remember i dropped my attempt To read "THALAMURA" 4 years ago....But now i understood the novel Khaskhinte Ithihasam...

You wrote about the story & characters in simple way..I agree...It gives a good picture about many charecters in life...but novel reveals something can't be changed with age.I think novel was written in 1969(maybe)

Hermionie 06/05/2009 11:25

thnx for the suggestion!!!i'll try to get that book sumhow!

Prince 06/04/2009 11:27

Good to know that you have read the novel and I appreciate you for writing this. In the novel , the village "Khasak" is an immaginary one and the real name is Tharasak.
However, Try to promote new writers too. Because we dont have to really support the legendary late O V Vijayan's books. But the upcomming writers need to be welcomed...I suggest you to reed "Khadikaarangal Nilakkunna Samayam" by Subhash Chandran

sandeep.a.k 05/22/2009 10:01

hi da..try to read thalamurakal and madhuram gayathi of O.V.vijayan.its also intresting...