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Hai friends..Since we met last time,these days were filled with fun and happiness. I'll apportion those with you later in the subsequent articles. Now I would like to share some memorable moments which I spend in my friend's home.

First about the home-It is a typical old styled structure rebuilt to the modern style in the front portion. The thing which I liked there is the staircase, which is vertically upright and lead to the first floor. It is not that easy for a new person to get down the stairs. Let us pass on to the members there. First and the foremost one in the home is a highly determined old man,my friend's dad,then her sweet mom who cooks yummy foods and  last, the Three Musketeers(Murali, Hari and Aparna).

In the evening we,Aparna, Hari, mom and myself went for the festival going on in the temple nearby. That was really nostalgic to attend the carnival. It brought to me the memories of the famous festival,Nilambur Pattu, of my native where i was born and brought up.Thera is one of the most famous ethnic arts of Kerala temples. There was Pottante Thera, which was funny to see where one dressed up like a clown and made fun of children. I shuddered when a few kids fled beside me. They were running boisterously here and there seeing the pottan. The pottan was also running behind the kids making fun of them. I thought I would be lost in the crowd as kids were very violent. We left the temple after that commotion without waiting for the next ceremony and that too with a gratified heart...

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seems a bit incomplete or written in a hurry not conveying the picture as always- u could try editing a bit