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I'll share with you my experiances and visions I aquired from the youth camp I behalved on October 1,2 & 3 at Puttaparthi, ma beloved swami's place (physically).


Reached Puttaparthy for my second youth camp.It was already half past 2pm when we reached there. Didn't take bath, but took a quick wash over hands, face and legs as we had to hurry for dharshan. We entered Kulwant hall at 4pm and Swami's students started chanting vedas.Quickly I was thrown into dozzing with Sai Gayathri on my tongue, lips and in my heart.I remembered, always at the first sight  of Bhagvan I used to beblabber unknowingly. But, at that time i had no any hard feelings or longing. But when Swami entered the hall in wheel chair, at my Saima's first sight itself, at the very moment, I started weeping.Don't know what magic Swami has done in me. The only thing I knew was that, Iam weeping. Wailed and wailed and wailed...Then I could help to stop for some minutes.Then again went on wailing...During the whole bhajan time I was weeping; wailing loudly. Felt like, I lost something precious which I was longing for and got it back in the whole form... Felt like sharing my whole burden with a friend..Felt like weeping on the lap and under the arms of a mother...Then I could understand that I was longing for these days to get a dharshan of my Mother; my Friend; my Swami...I could cry loudly as the bhajan sound helped me not to disturb others beside me! I prayed hard that "Swami, I wanna cry burying my face on your laps.." Something miraculous (chamathkar) happened to me.! When I opene the eyes partly, could find that my tears are ochre colured, colour of Swami's gown..I swear, it happened; I was not unconcious..! But that was for some seconds.. Felt like I was crying on Swami's lap. After sometime, everything came to as usual..First I thought, that may be due to reflection of light on the tears.But never I found that ochre colour again, again when the tears veiled my eyes....!

Oh Swami......; how far we are apart' still you are always with me to hear and answer whatever I ask.........!MY BELOVED BHAGVAN............



The youth camp started at 7:05pm with Bhagvan's blessings..Introduction was by Sri Mukunthan Sir,Kerala State President,Sai Seva Organisation.First class was taken by Sri.K.P.Ramachandran Nair (Unniyattan),Kerala State Coordinator,Sai Seva Organisation.He talked about bringing a CONCEPT (GOD) to a PERCEPT(AVATHAR)..He is really an authority of experiance.He shared withus how Swami saved him from the dreadgious disease cancer...

One more thing, It was very rainy on the day we reached there.But the organisation and we devotees had such a firm faith that there won't be any rain during our camp.The organisation prepared the shamiyana with that full faith on the open ground.And there was no train from the registration onwards till the last day of our camp during any of our classes...



Today's classes were by Sri.T.G.Krishnamoorthy, Sri.Vijaya Menon and Dr.Deepak Anand. T.G.Krishnamoorthy Sir talked about the importance of Karmayoga; how to relate god in our every deeds. He also talked about his car accident and how wonderfully Swami protected him.Sri.Vijaya Menon gushed over non-vegetarianism. Such a powerful voice was his that each and every word penetrated deep into the heart.Sincerely speaking, a magananimous character. Evening session was carried by Dr.Deepak Anand, a doctor of Swami's hospital, who has such a wonderful commitment and closeness with Swami.He took class on how a Sai Youth should be. He gave:

Y O U T-Truth H-Humility..He told about Swami's wonderful leelas in his life and his family.


Today I could understand that Swami is hearing my prayers, my quaries, my doubts and seeing all my deeds..Today I was confused that how can I do my daily morning sadhana from my hostel, as my roommates may be disturbed! Another doubt was that how can I convince one who asks me, what is Swami?I got the answer for these two questions which tangled my mind during Deepak Sir's class.Swami was talking through the tongue of Dr.Deepak Anand. He said that the best sadhana is the one to which we are more inclined to by birth.Now I have the answee that I could have done service!I love doing service,if Swami ever gives me a chance.In the same class, he told that SWAMI IS LOVE.. Yes, that is the more accurate, convincing answer for what Swami is!!!!!



Todays eloquents were Sri.Somasekharan (Saidas), Unniyettan, Dr.Kaushik Narayanan and again Sri.Vijaya Menon for evening session for concluding the camp.Somashekharan Sir's class was on the topic Youth and Spirituality. Unniyettan talked about the Sai Organisation and its Functioning. Dr.Kaushik Narayanan explained Whom is to be called a Sai Youth..Kaushik Sir was humble and peaceful as that of earth and Vijaya Menon Sir was powerful as that of silence..


Today was one of the most wonderful days in my life! Swami blessed me with such a miracle today.The matter which Iam going to tell may be a simple coincidence as you feel, but its something wonderful for me as I could feel Swami's presence always now!
Today during dharshan, I asked Swami for Swami's sight and towel..I asked like this, "Swami, you are Sarwantharyami (living in all hearts) right!if so, even if we are this much distant apart, you should be hearing me and I want your handkerchief." Before that I asked for his look atleast once. I was longing for one because I had a plan to start my Karmayoga.Only with Swami's blessing I may do that, I felt so! Swami blessed me with a look from where he was sitting! Still, not satisfied completely, I asked for his handkerchief.. After aarathi when Swami started going back, I was repeatedly asking for Swami's towel in my mind!!!!!!When Swami's car's wheels turned to the way to residence my mind simply thought that, WHAT, IF SWAMI'S CAR COME BACK THROUGH THE WAY WHERE WE ARE SITTING, SO THAT WE MAY SEE SWAMI ONCE MORE, I WOULD FEEL? The moment this thing passed through my mind ,SWAMI'S CAR TURNED TO THE WAY IN FRONT OF US. See how beautifully Swami wiped off my doubt that 'if Swami is Sarwantharyami.....!'See how wonderfully Swami proved that HE IS SARWANTHARYAMI.......(Living In All Hearts)



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I'm happy for u:) same time 'J' tht i cud not come this time:(... Sairam!!!