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For long 15 days, from 6/8/9 till 21/8/9, we were together..We shared bus, rooms (that was an experiance to share room with Krivi,Reshma and Amla), beds, food, clothes......At first we all convulsed when we heard we have to travel the whole journey in two buses! But, I think the tour was the most appreciable one only because it was in bus.We could taste the sweetness of sharing..Everyone found it difficult to amputate each other, when it was time to say goodbye for time being.! A kinda invisible thread of love binded us together by this time! Still, Iam missing those days.......

Our night journey was a bit crisis actually.But the
Night Riders' card play made it easy. VC (Vimalettan), Seema (Anseem), Jappy (Jeno) and Coma (Gayathri) were the players and me and Appu (Aparna) were the spectators.VC avd Coma made one team and the other two made the second team. Seema's eyes jumped over to Coma's cards at times, but we didn't allow it..The other time-killer in our bus was the frolic cd songs and our capering dances. I got a pair for salsa during the tour,Achu (Aswathi).All the daily life activities were dance steps for we the quadruple, me, Loosu (Roshna), Aliyan (Aliya) and PH (Archana).We discovered one thing during the trip that, all of us are great dancers and great singers.

We had 3 great days to spend in
Hyderabad which had got a lot of wits. Before going to that let me tell something; Kerala is the most clean and peaceful place I've ever seen (from the experiance of my south india tour). Our water, our food, our nature; I missed everything during those beautiful days. One more thing; man will do anything for food if he is dieing for food. Coming to Hyderabad, the Land of Pearls; one day me and Achu had to share a table for tea and we ordered two cutlets. My's only when the plates came, we came to know about our mischance. He brought chat; and the name fall for it, Achu's cutlet. Our neighbouring table was occupied by Dev (Devendra) and VVV (Vineeth). Dev ordered roti and he got one like an armor. 
Ramoji Film City was really an experience.A real film world was alive there. How a film is born, how its settings are co-ordinated, its picturisation, were all can be seen and felt there. A romantic story has also born there with Manu as hero and Thambi (Thansi) as heroine (Idavazhiyil naam aadyam kandappol.....dedication for them)
Snow World was yet another experiance. Seema was mass attacked by the girls with snow as weapon. I got paid for my mischief; 5.5 boys (our batch guys) buried me under snow. VC headed the operation (Will repay when my turn comes...)

Whenever we climb any hairpin turn Aliyan will ask, "is this the
Thamarasseri Churam!!" What a sense! Continuously thinking only one thing will hallucinate the person to find that in anything What a mirage!?Another brilliant work of Aliyan was her new version of the song Kalakkulla vellathil kulikkalle Jaanu....neerelakum...., and her 'remixed' version starts like this; Kulikkunna vellathe kalakkalle Jaanu... Think she copied the modern version from Jappy's 'music book'. 
Oooops....I forgot to tell about our UUP's (Anseem) 'Hindi tution'. His teacher was Neha and the only new thing he learned outta his deep knowledge in Hindi was '
Hatta Sawan Ki Khatta'....and he was and will be using this at any emergency!. 

Hoganeckel's boating was an exciting one..The boatman rotated the boat in the middle of the river flow as and when we pleaded him. The water fall was marvellous.It fall violently like avenging against something.. It flowed bearing the whole burden and worst and wastes in it, violently.. For UUP and Ikkakka (Shameer) the day came to grief a bit and was a 'Kottavanji Tragedy'.. They and some others (need not be mentioned here, as they were not the real heroes) splashed water over others for fun and the situation actually got worsened more when girls exploded. Both of them, Seema and Ikkakka, suddenly took the responsibility and made arrangements for changing the dress. (I admire that responsible minds!).

The only thing we had to suffer on the whole journey was Karadi's (Arther Jacob Sir)
garjanam (abusings). For only the time, when he get anger he used to stand us on the thorn, but that was really hurting. All of us, especially we the girls (Travel India Riders) were the sufferers. But the funny thing was, Meemo (Meera Mohan) could make him to tremble by becoming a fury atlast. After that Sherkhan/Kaduva/Karadi became the most descent guy of the tour..(thanks to Meemo)

Wherever we went, we took snaps, groupwise, singles, from different angles....Ikkakka and Seema found it interesting to take pics from different angles and in different posings.
Ramakkalmedu was really a fascinating place to be checked out and that was a wonderful experience to be at the top of the mountain. Thanks to Shameer for giving hands to get there. The Theepettikoodu (small bus) riders missed the boat, as they got to the other end of the Ramakkalmedu by bus.We made the way by our legs and it was nice to get there invading the high speed wind and cold snow.........! 

The last, but not the least one to be mentioned here is our 5.5 boys' dance show at the second last day...We all admired
 the talent of Seema and Ikkakka in doing
Prajo (Praveen), Puli (Prasanth) and VC were also not bad too..All are great dancers....Thank lord....none from outside was there to watch our talents...

At the last day, when it was time to bid goodbye, all were sinking to the depth of grief...Some cried violently. invisible thread of love..........Iam eager now to get over this boring semester break....,even I love being in home...

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Hey i was searching for that janu song after hearing it a million times during my branch trip and i ended up here , anybody having that song ??

puvi 04/04/2011 07:11

yeah...almost all in ma batch have dat song!!!!:)

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