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Friday, June26, 2009- Every pop music fans had a day of black! Each die-hard fan opened his eyes to vouch the heart breaking news about the collapse of a great reign, the pop emperor's demise! The world of his admirers couldn't accept his demise even now, as he is still alive in them as Moonwalker, Bad, Thriller etc..

1958,August 29, the world asserted the birth of the legend-Micheal Joseph Jackson. He was the seventh half among the nine in the family. Albeit his father, Jackson, was a hard-hearted person, it was he who brought the kids to the world of music; it was he who cleared their path to the music. Micheal was the main singer of the troupe, 'The Jackson 5'. Micheal pushed out himself from the troupe to conquer the heights of music with his enticing music style and shattering movements..

In 1971, his first album, 'God To Be There' came to the fans. From there onwards it has been Jackson, who is placed in the first position in the hearts of the die-hard fans of  pop music.The admirers waited for months and weeks with the tickets to attend his concert; to get a glimpse of the pop king!!!He allured the fans' heart through 'Music & Me' (1973), 'For Ever Micheal' (1975), 'Of The Wall' (1979)...'Thriller' of the year 1982 bagged the Guinness World Record for the commercial success,world's best selling album of all the time. ''Bad' (1987), 'Dangerous' (1991), 'History'(1995) were all at the zenith of hit pop music world even now!!!

It was his music that Jackson loved more than the successes and failures in his life, I hope.. His music has got that power to seize any number of admirers; which flowed from his soul....He was the one who raised the pop music to various levels of music combinations. He combined rock and pop to beautify his movements. A great musician the world had ever seen!!!

The album which he has arranged to come back to the music world after a small interval has got some mystery.. Its name is 'The Last Curtain', an incompleted creation!

THE MUSIC OF AN ERA HAS CEASED.....................................
with tears bye to Jackson, our King Of Pop,from this physical world..,but not from our HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!

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Sruthi 07/01/2009 20:01

Too good piece about 'The King Of PoP'. It was his heart that reflected in his Music.....

Hermionie 07/02/2009 05:56 was his soul!!!!