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Those beblabbered eyes remind me
The first day in my school.
Completely excited...
Lost in an apprehended crowd!
Crowd which is arranging
To burst into tears!
Eyes which are in the quest
For the glimpse of their mom..

Suddenly, the sob struck my throat;
My eyes wandered for my mom...
Where dad had gone
After pushing me to this hell!,

I contemplated..


I almost burst into tears...

Those tears rolled down my cheeks

Wiping the whole excitements and pains

From eyes to my heart...

Sobbing changed to wailing!


Someone, called Sherley, hugged me

And carried me away from the attic.

Her rose saree couldn't relieve me from my thoughts

Of my mom...

She showed me birds, trees,

Buildings, toys, books, everything...

Nothing could console me; convince me!

As my universe was lost!

Wailing grew even more...


Behold my dad,

He is coming...

With a bag in left hand

And in the same suit as morning...

How did he knew,

That I was crying;

That I was obstinating?!

Felt a wee bit convinced

When dad took me.

Even though, some anger remained

For getting me to that hell...

Heard something dad saying to Sherley-

Will bring me tomorrow!


Let this doesn't happen again,

I prayed...

Closing my beblabbered eyes........

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So cute..... my thuthoos:)