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Wayanad is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala, which is adorned with the greenery and dextrous farmers. We were given the chance to visit the place as part of National Service Scheme(NSS) camp. The travel through the deep ghat road was quite soothing as it provided with the sight of snow covered mountains and monkeys. The journey was smooth and soon we were zipping towards our boarding place, which was in a convent dorm. We 65 members were there, including our two teachers.

There were seven rooms in the ladies' dorm which had six beds each. I was lucky enough to have jolly roomies of my kind. On the day we reached there itself we had to start the NSS activities.All the activitites of each day were preplanned. First of all we went to the Wayanad Social Service Society(wsss) office and we had a dozing class (Shhhhhhhh...) by Father John. He was clapping his hands in vein inorder to make us alert. He took class on the WSSS activities, I hope. Let me be silent here regarding the NSS academic activities here, as it is really dozing (This is my view point albeit i could gain some academic stuffs). But we were on the zenith of enjoyment in this trip.

the jeep which contained the boisterous group of the team. We, around 11-12 members were there as two or three joined on the subsequent days to us. The trip was frolic to us, only because of our noisy smashing journey in Interstate for two days. We had the blunders of JP, clever wits (think twice) of Tinto, uproarings of Ajay and Thansi and all the funzz.


kuruva island is one of the most memorable and cherishable experiance in our trip. As we transgress each stream, each was taking fresh bath. That was Chandhan who started shattering water on Pallavi and everyone followed the same on others. Damn...some of us who escaped also were dipped in the stream from head to toe. But,then only we regretted that we could have joined earlier in the fun. We got dried up in the return journey in  our Interstate.


I wonder,how ever a huge rock can be held in between just two other rocks till date!!!
Hey friends, for my wonder, I managed to reach at the topmost rock of the Edakkal hermitage. That was my obstinacy to conquer that mountain, took me to that top. From there I thought whether I could climb down!!! But the next moment I made up my mind that, if I could climb up, I would climb down. And for my wonder again, I climbed down as fast as I conquered.

Our return trip was in Pappachan Travels. That was also as smashing and thrashing as usual. When we reached Calicut, it was already 9pm and we had had the train to Trivandrum at 10.30pm. When I opened my eyes in the next morning we were in Trivandrum.

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Hermionie 04/18/2009 06:50

thnx da.juz a funny side business!!!!!

Hermionie 04/18/2009 06:48

thnx da...juz a funny side business!!!!!

gayathri 04/16/2009 19:08

GR8 BLOGS punns!!!I dint knw u had these side businesses too...keep writing ...& all de best ahead

vimal 04/03/2009 12:07

Pls change the font....