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{{L-  lady

Mr.X-  webcam show stopper

N- naughty*}}


The conversation starts likes this:

L- I am not able to connect to internet dude. Some problem with network connection

Mr.X- Go to internet options and check the box for LAN connection

L- Wow, you are awesome dude. Internet got connected. Thanks alott 

Mr.X- Oh, that’s nothing to be thanked for. By the way, how are you? Shall we play a game?

L- What game?

Mr.X- “Dare to say truth”. No backing out. You may ask any question, any type of question. But you should answer truth only and once we start there is no backing out.

L- Sorry I am not interested. And that too I won’t be able to answer all your N questions. I know what all questions you are gonna ask

Mr.X- hey come on. Just for fun. I helped you to get connect to internet know. :p

L-  Okei.

Then a series of questions, of usual type, “have you ever had your first kiss?, have you seen anybody masturbating?, what is the size of your B**? etc. etc.
I really wonder that what are these kind of guys thinking about a girl who is open and sincere. I think for them it’s not the sincerity or openness, but purely taking advantage of someone who really values a friendship.

Now coming to the show stopping:

Mr.X was like, “it’s really painful. I just can’t tolerate it. Could you please watch me on web cam?”

L- Sorry yaar, I can’t do that. I am a girl who lives with some morals and stupid holy concepts. But I really feel sorry for your pain. I have read it’s really painful.

Mr.X- Please..just once…I won’t ask again. I beg.

L- Don’t you feel ashamed to beg like this? Do u know what you are doing? Go and find someone else. Sorry.

Mr.X- No yaar. It won’t work with anybody else. ‘coz I like only your chocolate body. Please just once.

L- Chocolate body? Crap. I can’t. What pleasure will you get if a girl watches you masturbating?

Mr.X- Yeah, chocolate body. You look like a perfect piece of chocolate. Don’t know what pleasure. But it’s a nice feeling. Please, I can’t tolerate the pain. Fast. Please. I beg you. Atleast for our friendship.

L- Don’t bug like this. I have told you that I can’t. Then why you are asking again and again. Find someone else.

Mr.X- Please yaar. As a help. This is not harmful to you, know?! Please…

L- chhe…I feel pity on you. Okei, but as a help and that too this will be the first and the last one. Don’t ever ask again. Only ‘coz I know how painful this is.

Mr.X- okei  thanks alott…opens web cam.


After the show:

Mr.X- Did you enjoy that? How was that?

L- what shit man? What enjoyment? I didn’t even look at you doing? And that too what enjoyment will the other person get if she sees you pushing and pulling your “equipment”? I don’t understand.
Mr.X- Oh sorry. Next time it will be more fun!

L- Next time!!!!

Moral of the story: don’t be kind enough to encourage these webcam show stoppers in your life and take advantage of your goodness.


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