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Hai guys,

Sorry for the eloping. i could't help but go along with some issues that mettered me more than writing in my wonderful (atleast I should compliment) blog. Those issues made me numb enough not to make a casual visit ven! As I am holding a very open generous attitude here, I owe you an explanation, right! Yes...


First one was my laziness and lack of interest. Actually, this came up from my sweet elder sisy's comments and views about I can't publish this blog as a book untiol I give up my laziness to edit this! Poor she is, tried a lot to encourage me and make me realize that I can win the goal if some mending works are done! But what to do?!, I lost the interest...Stupid myself. But sure, one day I will publish a worth reading stuff!!! We Ariens get crazy about anything for some period of time only. So this is not my mistake, but my Sun Sign's. whatever, I love my Sun Sign. So don't complain.


Next reason came in my way is my Swami's, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, samadhi (demise). i felt like the whole universe got upside down and I am abandoned. Then I understood how an orphaned child would feel, the pain, the grief. Then I felt the same what a person would feel if he losses everything all of a sudden without even a clue! That was too horrible. But my silent cry was sweetly and dramatically answered by Swami. As you guys may not believe that I am not gonne write about that stuff! But here is the message in that- attachments always lead to griefs, but love with detachment always lead to happiness and peace. Swami demonstrated this by himself in front of ten of us, who believed strongly that Swami will revive. He revived in the form of love! Even at the right moment I am a part of that Divine Drama/ Mission.


The last, but not the least reason for my hiding out is the loss of relationships or its strength (in the material level); attachments I will say. Best friends, borthers, dad, etc.., but not My Self! But I am thinking this way now, Swami gave me everything and taking away those which drags me away from him! So I am happy in the sense, now with these detachments I find the distance between me and my soul (Saima) is getting lessened..Because now I only have to think about Him, his divine grace, feel the bliss...etc..At the right moment I can feel Swami. He is proof reading this! By loss of attachments, I didn't mean that I lost the love. But it is, the love has transformed to some higher level which cannot be explained by words but has to be experienced. I am feeling the pure unconditional selfless love. To tell in detail, in the beginning I loved them because they were my best friends, brothers, dad etc! But now I love them not because they are these, but because they also have the same divine energy within! Loving all equally, nothing less nothing more!


So, now it's time for the explanation about my revival, huh?! This is only for two persons, Sandeep Ayyaril Krishnan and Gayathri Mohan. It doesn't mean that only they are welcome here, but now onwards here they have a guest seat (even if they reject!). Two days back, Sandeep told me, I should restart my writing, atleast to forget griefs. But I am writing to remember everything, to unravel the hidden truths. On the same day, when I happened to go through my autograph book, I saw Gama (Gayathri Mohan) wrote that I should write blog even after leaving college and she promised she will read them. So I owe her too.. So here is my humble explanation for you two especially!!! Love you guys...






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Sandeep 05/31/2011 12:05

thatz a good decision sissy.. all the best for this revival.. continue ur writings..

puvi 06/01/2011 11:59

thanks dear...yes i will :)