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Even though her mind is in total insane, her eyes feigned total calmness. Lalitha sat, bereft of hopes, like a stone recalling all the memories of bygone days...

The day of her marriage was the most happiest day in Lalitha's life which was a pomp of richness, flowers, jewels and beauty. She was going to marry the guy whom she loved for years, Ratheesh, a stout young charming handsome man working for a private bank. Lalitha forsook the opportunity for a managerial post to a private firm on Ratheesh's obstinacy. She loved him more than anything and he also in return.
She was dressed in a red bride saree. She was adorned with gold chains upto her waist and hands were covered in gold bangles. Actually those ornaments hid her natural beauty.

Unknowingly, Lalitha sighed deeply.

"Get ready at evening dear. We will go for a film", Ratheesh said.
"O.K., then wear your new shirt", Lalitha responded.
They were starting a new life, a new family..

Lalitha had nothing to do after her household works until Ratheesh's arrival. So she brought up a beautiful garden in front of their new home. Days and months passed away very fastly.

Ratheesh walked here and there restlessly on the veranda of the hospital. At 1:00am the nurse came out and said, "You are the father for a son." Ratheesh's heart throbbed to see Lalitha and to fondle their son.
Lalitha was on the crest of the wave. She was so happy that, then she was a mother.

Time ran away so fast and due to the family's economic crisis Lalitha started going for a job. Even though she didn't get the managerial post, an L.D.Clerk post held good.

One night Ratheesh sneered, "What is your relation with Ashik? I have been through many hearsays from your colleagues for days! How dare you come in his car at this night?"
Lalitha pleaded, "shh.....please...,in a low voice.Rishi is sleeping. I told you, today I had a lot of work to complete and got late. Ashik gave me a lift. Didn't I call you on phone and informed?you were busy!"

The situation and scenes had worsened day by day, following weeks and months. None in the house slept during nights and they tasted many sleepless nights. Many names came in the place of 'Ashik' from the tongue of Ratheesh. Not the abusings hurt Lalitha the most, but those were in front of her son, Rishi. He was not a baby then, but a school-going child! Not the abusings hit her heart the most, but Rishi's innocent frightful sights.

That cursed night prowled into her eyes as if to swallow her completely.
Ratheesh roared, "You the bloody bitch, you don't have any right to stay in my home. Leave me and my son." Ratheesh's voice was loud but was not clear as he was drunk.
"You, the damn prostitute, go to any hell you want. Leave me and my son."
The very ruthless word made Lalitha intolerable anymore and that too in front of her son. Her maternity gave a whim to tore him off into pieces and she assaulted him with a knife that she found at sight. Not once she stabbed him, but many number of times, violently, until her whole heart got calm. The morrow's hot news in front of the newspapers was about the young slayer lady who slew her husband.

Lalitha acquiesced the crime in the court!

A tear rolled through Lalitha's cheek, bearing the whole pain, still with the deep calmness in eyes but insane in heart. As she was carrying, her execution got extended for one year and it is going to happen today at 12pm. She will have to handover her second baby, a daughter (not named yet) within an hour to the relatives. Lalitha's parents, Rishi and her elder brother and his wife are waiting outside for the last meeting. The last banquet is waiting in front of her eyes!

The baby's crying wake her up from the dreadful memories and she suckled her baby violently, before her execution.

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