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Indian hockey game of World Cup 2010 against all opponents so far was good, even though we couldnot get the games except one, against Pakistan (4-1). As my view goes, India's game is a fair one! The things which are pulling the team backwards are, the lack of perfect practice, perfect training and support. The score points so far are, (2-5) against Australia, (2-5) against Spain and (2-3) against England. Our team lacks an element of mental strength and that was the only factor which made us second to Spain and England during the last two games. Our players lacked speed during the game against Australia, who were superfasts in movement! Whatever, we are now blessed with a good coach and an excellent team. If proper practice, training and support (mental, physical and monetory) can be assured, we are not very far from the cups in the coming games! DON'T FORGET THAT HOCKEY IS OUR NATIONAL GAME!!!!!!!!

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