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Do you all believe in doomsday really? Definitely, I don't. But that is not what Iam gonna discuss with you here, but probably some cracks. Anyway, I assure, you won't feel lousy with this, but sensible, if you also smelt the same way as I did.

Everything has become very fast now-a-days! During my school-days, I got two months summer vaccations and I got time to roam around, to play with my friends, to pay visit to my mother-home etc. But gradually it got shortened and now my semester breaks get over within 1-2 weeks! And that too, the days wither away quickly!
For festivels, during good old days, we used to prepare special banquets. But today, they are getting replaced by fast foods! In my childhood days, I got pure water from wells and Panchayat pipelines. But today, I get them in bottles, well packed and purified, in the name of 'mineral water'. Trends are changing very fastly, as if to conquer a sluggish destiny and to convert it to a fastest kingdom!

The most shortest and fastest thing in this changing trend is the Short Message Service, SMS, as we call! Now all the mobile companies have plans for free SMS.Yes, I do agree that, it is a fastest mean of communication. But Iam concerned that, this fastness probably slows down or cools down the warmth in relationships, make people more lazy (as I suffer from that) and stick on to mobiles for every action(we may call them cell worms). Iam not saying that, I don't agree with SMS! Yes, I do. But Iam talking about the changing trends to a fastest era! Even though we are happy with SMS, we feel ecstatic and nostalgic, if we ever get a card or a letter from a friend whom we forgot in the wave of time!

Now I remember a poem (forgot the poet and the exact lines), that I studied in my schoolday. The poem is a talk between a father and a son and the father is telling his son to teach him the son's innocent ways! Likewise, I wanna be back to my slow, but beautiful time, when I got 2 months summer vaccation, when I received letters and cards from my friends, when I got time to listen to my best friend, when I got time to listen to nature's music, when I got time to cherish my good old memories..........

Time is passing away very fast giving no time to take a rest in the long and fast race. We are accelerating, with the aim to get first at the endline! There are many such trends today as I mentioned here. As time is short and Iam in the fast and long race, Iam leaving the topic in your minds for you to ponder more. But one thing, DON'T FRY YOUR BRAINS......... 

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Lovebug 03/16/2010 21:22

We get two and a half months summer vacation here :) :) No matter where you study. Move to Finland? Lol. Home of Nokia too.

Hermionie 03/17/2010 06:36

so definitely you are lucky!!!but be aware not to get grabbed in the hands of these fast foods,k!lol..