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"Saimond..." "Saimond..."
A soft quivering voice called him from the very near of his right ear as if to wake him up from a deep sleep. Saimond somehow managed to open his eyes with a disgust to see two bright blue eyes and a very open sweet smile.Her eyes glistened like a star, nose was long and sharp and lips were rosered.

With the tiredness of his sleep he called her, "Oh, you Pameela", with a hoarse voice. His hairs freely hung to his eyes as if he has helped to escape some cops! His eyes were very weak, but still had a life in them.

The very moment he called her, he came to earth and was astonished.
"Oh no!,Who are you?"

"Hey you called me Pameela and Iam Pameela! Is there any doubt?"
Saimond had almost fainted with a scream.

When he opened his eyes with the splash of some cold water, he saw his mother, Maggy, pampering him.
She enquired, "What happened dear?"
Saimond with his surprised eyes said, "Ma, I saw her. She came to me. She was just near to my right ear."
Maggy was surprised, "Who?"
"Pameela", Saimond replied.
"What the hell are you talking? Have you gone mad? It's only a day before, that girl's funeral was over! These all are your hallucinations. It is just because you two were close friends.! Pray well and sleep my dear boy. Don't worry. Sleep tight." Maggy switched off the light and left the room.

Saimond prayed quitely and hit bed and closed his eyes tightly to get a quick sleep. But the very moment he closed his eyes, again the soft quivering voice, "Saimond...", "Saimond...", near his right ear. He closed his eyes more tightly wishing not to hear any voice, more!
"Saimond, why are you not opening the eyes? Don't get panic. I won't harm you. Have you forgot our deal?That evening we promised each other, who ever dies first, should meet the other in spirit! Oh you idiot, are you scared of me, your friend?" She talked as soft as a breeze.
Saimond opened his eyes partially, wishing not to see anyone. But the moment he opened his eyes, he was taken aback to see those staring kind blue eyes. There is no change for her bright eyes, hearty smile and long black hair. The only thing was, the hair was loose and not tied as unusual. She wore a white long froke, like an angel!

Pameela joked,"Are you wondering why spirits always appear in white?!Ha, Ha, it's because white symbolizes purity and this is just a veil".
Saimond came to conscious and asked with a little hidden fear, "You are dead! Then how come this happen? Iam a bit scared. Don't scare me anymore. Why the hell you came to me?"
Pameela's face went blue and answered,"I came for CONFESSION. To confess all my earhly deeds and desires to an earthly one and to attain eternal life! To leave everything I acquired from here to this earth and to be free of the birth-death vicious cycle! I have got only three nights for my confession. It is the earthly thread of attachment between us makes you to see me, hear me and feel me!"

Saimond loosened a little and asked,"Is it true that there is life after death and is there any meaning for eternity? Or, what you benefit from this confession?"

Pameela continued,"Lo my friend, everything you heard and not yet experianced is true. But, they are not like as you man think, that there is a constructed heaven and hell. They are like the energy levels. Each soul is an energy and the body is mere an earthly cloth. When it gets worn out for use, the soul abandons it. This is what you people call as death. But, if your deeds were good during your earthly life, you will have no more rebirth and your soul or energy will merge with the almighty, same energy, but in a higher level. This is what you people call heaven/eternity. On the contrary, if your deeds were bad and if your soul/energy is attached with those bad deeds you are born again or you will get a new cloth to live and face the results of your bad deeds. This is what you people call the hell and you enter a new birth-death cycle!"

Saimond took breath to ask another ,but the very moment Pameela interrupted, "OK dear,it's time for you to take your sleep. My first night is over and two more to go! Still I dont even started my confession (with a gloomy face). I will come tomorrow and day after tomorrow to complete my story! After that i'll be free forever and ever and ever........"
Her white froke has changed to a white smoke and she dissolved in it! Saimond went to sleep as if everything was a dream.

"Saimond...", "Saimond..." "Get up.It's already half past nine! You buddhu.....get up. Otherwise, I'll kick you. Get fresh and go to college!" Maggy shouted like AK47.
Saimond got up unwillingly and went to bathroom.
He took only three idlis rather than seven that day. He was eager to reach college and meet Sameer.

"What the hell? Have you gone mad? How come a dead person meet you, talk to you a whole night! I think you'll have to consult a psychiatrist. I used to tell you always that Pameela and you can't be best friends forever. I think you loved her at some point of time! And now you are feeling or hallucinating this just because of your love for her", Sameer tried to convince Saimond.
Saimond explained himself in a really kind tone,"You see Sameer, I never had such a love feeling for her. She was my best friend and will be forever. None could understand us, none ever will, because, the relationship was between we two only!"
Anyway Saimond left the thing there and started believing that those all were mere hallucinations!

That was the last day for Saimond to submit his Physics record for the final examination. He was busy the whole day, writing, writing and writing and kept the record on the teacher's table at the last minute to 5pm. He was that tired and rushed to the college canteen to have a cup of hot coffee. He chose his usual table there, where he and Pameela used to share leisure time with a cup of hot coffee for him and a cup of cool tea for her. He just sighed and took a sip of his coffee with a gloomy heart.

He was late at home that day as he went for a birthday party with friends. He was scared to enter home as to face father, William, a stout hardy man with a long sharp military moustache which is shaded with light whites here and there, an old born-military person. Saimond admired him very much and the fear for him is because of his respect for that personality. Saimond removed shoes and entered home without making any noise and he found that William was right in front of the sitting room. For his surprise, William didn't enquire anything about Saimond's late arrival but asked Maggy to serve him the food. Saimond was not hungry at the moment, but as it's his father's order, he helped himself to have some. He was that tired and hit bed quickly and went to deep sleep without knowing.

In his unconsciousness he heard a soft quivering voice calling him, "Saimond...", "Saimond..."
He didn't give an effort to open his eyes as he was that tired  and he was in the world of sweet dreams.

"Saimond...", "Saimond...",The voice became soft and sharp.
"Oh dear, why don't you believe in me! You don't care for my words?! You cared for my words when I was alive! Get up dear friend. Do give me an ear for my cofession, just for two more nights, please."
Suddenly Saimond opened his eyes and came to consciousness by an unknown force.
"Yes!" "You again!",Saimond doubted.
Pameela, in white, said with joy, "Yes dear,Iam back. Iam eager to confess you everything and to be freed of this handcuff! Shall I start?"
"Ya", Saimond stretched his back.

"I'll start from my childhood, from when my memory power started answering me! I was Pameela, who was born in a rich family with all auspiciousness, a little charming girl. I got a loving mother and a caring father. They granted me with whatever I wanted and asked for. Still I lacked someting! I was a girl with a lot of desires and asked for them instantly. As my father satisfied all my weird or stupid desires then and there, they kept increasing. Still I lacked something! If I wished for a pen or a pencil or a dress or whatever, I was obstinate that I should get it the very moment. But I had a good side that, I heartly smiled at everyone and gained many well-wishers. God blessed me with a sharp brain and I was top in my studies.My childhood passed away easily and quickly without any distress."

Saimond got up from bed and had some water from the bottle on his table.
Pameela continued," With the advices of the before mentioned well-wishers and from my own experiances, I started discovering myself and started changing my negatives to positives, as for me.Still, I lacked something, I felt hollow somewhere in the corner of my heart.I felt an incompleteness."
Saimond came back to bed and sat straight.
"When I entered college, I found a guy named Saimond and wished (probably my last desire) whether we were friends! And our friendship is the result of my desire. Through our friendship I came to know what I lacked till then; why I felt hollow till then; why I was incomplete till then! He was a kind soul with a loving and caring heart and more over with a magnanimous personality and different attitude in everything. The progress of our friendship was very quick  that we shared everything within the limits of friendship. Every spectators thought we were in love! Stupids...what they know about the beauty of friendship?!"

Suddenly, Saimond, as if got up from a dream stated," Yes, others don't understand the purity of our friendship and they will never! Today Sameer asked me whether I loved you at some point of time!"

Pameela continued as if she didn't hear him."Ooops.....! It's time for me to leave and you to sleep. I shall not ruin rest of your sleep. Sleep tight and take care dear. Tomorrow is the last and best night granted for me. I'll complete the rest of the story tomorrow and will be free for ever and ever and ever.....!"
Pameela dissolved in to the white veil.

Unusually, Saimond got early at 5.30am in the morning and he could not sleep then. Whenever he closed his eyes, Pameela's blue eyes came vividly in front of his eyes and her voice in his ears. He lied on the bed like that for a while, just blinking upwards by letting his mind to fly far and  far and far...

In college he was unable to attend any class wholeheartedly. He was eager to get home soon without any reason! Somehow he managed to sit till the second last hour and bunked the last hour and rushed to home.

Maggy was surprised to see him early today from college! He had some hot coffee from her and rushed headlong into his room. He got fresh and sat in his room only without going anywhere outside, waiting eagerly to turn night!

He played light Beethoven music in his computer and groped for something in his cupboard. At the end he got it, the birthday card, the one and only (probably in his life time) card he got from a friend (none other than Pameela), for his last birthday. Her handwriting was so tiny and tidy with well spaced running letters. For more than an hour he was in the memories of their friendship and Maggy's call wake him up.

Maggy told, "We are going for a reception. Will get late when we come back. Your food is ready in kitchen. Have that and sleep tight. Don't forget to lock the door. We will open it with the extra key. Take care."
Saimond locked the door and went to his room.
The door bell rang at once and again. For Saimond's surprise it was Joe, his childhood pal.
Joe said, "Hey saw your parents leaving.Let us have a party and fun with all our friends, here!"
Saimond was surprised, "Oh, Oh, sorry Joe! I have to go for the reception for which my parents have gone. Iam gonna get ready for that."
Joe was astonished at this rejection. Usually it was Saimond who used to fix a friends' party first. Joe left the home bidding bye.
Saimond came back to room and started reading a novel. He was fully involved in his reading that he was unaware that time has passed so fastly and it was half past nine. He served himself with some rice and dhal from kitchen and went to bed. He was not feeling sleepy, still he wanted to sleep deadly!

"Saimond...","Saimond..."."Get up Saimond." A soft sharp voice called him near his right ear.
When Saimond opened his eyes, he saw two blue eyes just in front of his eyes! He straightened up.

He thought, small blue eyes, long sharp nose, rosy lips and fair skin; her hairs laid loosely on her shoulders; Was she this much beautiful when she was alive?! If she is alive at the right moment, I would have kissed her lips and proposed her!

As if Pameela read his mind, she broke the silence and started her confession.
"With Saimond's friendship I discovered myself. My incompleteness has changed to completeness. Yes, the miracle of true friendship! Do you remember the day of my death? I was on the way to your home to pick you to college and was eager to tell 'something'. My mind was full of that and I drived carelessly that I didn't notice the byke in opposite direction! And that 'something' made me to visit you now."

Saimond took breath to ask something. But without giving a chance Pameela continued, "On the previous day of my accident I stole Saimond's diary. But that was not stealing actually, I took it by mistake from him after our last Physics class."
Saimond remembered that he searched for that diary everywhere and found that it was lost!

Pameela continued, "That night I read his diary. I was surprised that whether he had such a habit. He was very specific in each day's deeds and happenings in his diary and I felt he is very much expressive in his writings! I walked through our friendship in that diary from the day we met! I found that Saimond's attitude towards Pameela was changing quickly and we became more close and you had already been possessive for Pameela. I was surprised that, can two souls think the very same things simultaneously?! Don't know, may be a coincidence!"
"When I reached the last page, that is, the day before my death, I came to know that you had a plan to say your love for Pameela on the next day and I just eagered to tease you for a while, even though I loved you more than anything! But the thing is, none can play with true love!

Saimond's eyes watered and he was groping for words.
Pameela continued, "You should get your diary and mine too from my mom and keep it with you for the remembrance of our consensus, friendship and love! Iam giving up my love here, now! We won't meet again and this is my last night here in this world. My wishes will be guarding you from the other world!"

She leaned forward and kissed his lips and dissolved into the white veil!

Saimond sat as if everything was a dream!  

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sam 03/21/2010 10:32

I feel sorry I hadnt taken notice of this piece for so long,a good work,I have noticed a pinch of self portrayal in all of your works and even this isn't different,great thing though, having your
mark left on your works is the success of an artist.Then about mistakes, they are prone to happen, dont hinder a thought fearing u wud make a mistake while writting,just think of a better way to
put it across, you can do great.

Hermionie 03/22/2010 05:49

oh that's a great comment!you have said it right that, always a pinch of self portrayal comes in ma work! this is also not free from that and i think, you got it from where
i portrayed the theme, probably,its from our chat!!thanks for your comment!

Arjun S Menon 03/12/2010 06:19

Sure. I'll mail them. But one thing. they are not serious errors. just some typos and some errors in sentence structures. :-)

Arjun S Menon 03/11/2010 09:46

Well I will stick with Sruthi's comments. You do have a beautiful way of narrating things without loosing the spirit of a story, and especially this one was too good among them ignoring some minor
mistakes. After reading all of your posts (I liked this one the most so I am posting my comments here) I have one suggestion, before posting please read your work twice or thrice again which will
help to correct many of the errors you made. Waiting for many more stories from you...

Hermionie 03/12/2010 06:07

can u plz point out ma mistakes!!!!!!??

Sruthi 03/02/2010 11:28

Though it's long it's interesting, my feeling:)

jaseem 02/18/2010 07:43

Ur illustration was very interesting...The story picturises incidents of three days with the whole energy and experinces achieved during a life......
boudary of friendship and love .......its humane the loved ones become most loved ones.....You portrayed the excitment when pameela realised it... writing....
One thing I felt is that it was a lengthy one...

Hermionie 02/19/2010 07:32

that could be more lengthy actually...but the book had only a few pages and i had to finish the story as fast as possible..! anyway thanks for the comment..will try to improve on ma writing!