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When I turned over those stale pages, I was walking slowly through the cracked and broken paths of my school days! The most beautiful, innocent, serene, wonderful era in one's life history. The arrow of time could kill our precious moments, days, years, age, enjoyments; but never our memories.....Memories that are as sharp as a sword, as loud as silence, as deep as love......!

Those old pages, which are nearing to get separated from the bind, hold some life still! I had; no I have such a beautiful world of my own sweet friends. Hidden infatuations, severe friendships, secret furies, open secrets, innocent mischieves, all coloured those yellow stale pages.. Without ill-wills, without animosity, our sent-off went away, years ago. Everything seems to be happened yesterday. My schooldays, nook & corner of my school, my schoolmates, classmates, friends, teachers, everything, everyone, is still clear and fresh in my heart, well preserved, well remembered.

I wonder that, for some, I was such a goodie (from those pages). Still some had some ill-wills! Whatever, still I remember them without any regrets and complaints, but with love and care. Some pages were just teasing ones, by scribbling the nicknames and all. While some showered that much love, care and affection and sobbed about the severence. 

Now, when Iam turning over the pages of my stale autograph, Iam missing everything, everyone. Our PT (Physical Training) hours the most! Our silly fights, our abusings, our long hour unending chats, all passed by as a fleeting sec!

Some are still in contact, some are not! Still, don't know what the hell happened to some others! Some are working, some went abroad, some entered to own families, still, some are studying May be (not may be, but will be) they are also thinking like these and missing all from somewhere in a nook of this world!  

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