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Somewhere in the corner of my heart a grief is stagnating...! I love Mayyazhi, the pebbles there, the flowers there, the river there and the people there. I care for Elsy, Sasi, Sivan, their friendship; Maggi Madama, Alphonsachhan, Mambi, Choyiyachhan, Chathu, Arupurayil Kadungan, Kumaran Vaidyar and everyone!! The story Daivathinte Vikrithikal by M.Mukunthan is really a beautiful work, where he has created the world's smallest village, Mayyazhi  and many innocent people there. The novel wipes each character with much care and intensity. The story picturises the village with all its beauty and innocence through its inhabitants. The novel depicts the story of two generations and ends by welcoming the generations yet to rise in Mayyazhi! The novelist portrayed well each character like, Kumaran Vaidyar- an ayurvedic practitioner in the village who is very kind by heart; who has got two sons,Sivan and Sasi. Sivan walked through the communism and ends up in the hands of police and Sasi, who loved Elsy (daughter of Alphonsachhan, a magician, and Maggi madama) from childhood onwards, ends up in severance. Likewise many other characters and their stories were displayed, which is moving the heart! At the end, the scene is, Sasi giving sweets to the new generation school-going children magically from mere Mayyazhi pebbles, which was done by Alphonsachhan before! The novelist has given the very apt title for the work, Daivathinte Vikrithikal, after reading I felt so...! In the story, many poor has become rich and rich has changed to poor; good kind minds died with sufferings; actions and deeds repeated through generations....- Yes, God is a naughty player really...!

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