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It is always grieveful,
When nearing to leave home!
My heart is sinking,
Sinking and sinking deep...
It's unbearable
This severance.
Can't look into amma's eyes,
Can't stand that departure!

Something has stuck in my throat,
Which makes me futile to bid bye...
Something has blocked my lungs,
So that Iam breathing in vein...
Always, these happens to me,
Whenever it's nearing
To leave for college;
Not 'coz I hate college,
But 'coz I love being in home.
I love being in the laps of amma...
I love being in the hugs of amma...
I love being in silly fights with my li'l half...;
I love having food
By amma's hands,
I love taking a nap
Beside amma.
Simply for these,
I long being in home!

It is always mournful,
To leave home!
It is always grieveful,
When nearing to leave home!!!!!!!!

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Dinkan 12/09/2009 21:42

Such a good one thuthu..!loved it as any chlld would..
Wht ever u wriiten(abt Mom) has made me speechless..its so moving and touched my heart deeply that it brought tears to my eyes.. Honestly OUTSTANDING job ur mom must be proud of you..

(I'm feeling a little jealous.. juz kiddin he he..)

luv U..


Ur Dinkan (Dinkiiiiiiii)

Hermionie 12/10/2009 06:18

hmmm...thnx alott for the coment!!!ma mom is the most patient woman i've ever seen!