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Life is an irony.
Some live in the palaces,
Whilst some in the slum.
Some are protected,
Whilst some are forlorn.
Some are chaste,
While some are with vices.
Some are rich,
Whilst some in penury.
Life is a paradox!

Life is an irony.
With loads of nature's gifts to focus on,
Some focus to only grieves,
Only abandonments, only foundlings,
Refugee camps only,
To wipe up ye yell...
To wipe up ye pain...
To popularise ye wail...
To hath the sympathy and
To cry along...
But, not empathy!
Life is a paradox!

Life is an irony.
Whilst some amidst vengeance,
Organisations bewail for peace.
Whilst in the impotency,
Mothers bargain for the womb.
Forseeing the uncertainity,
Policy makers go for plannings and treaties.

Knowing the impossibility,

Adventurers yearn for the impossibles.

Relatives cry for the dead,

Lest the spirit may shower tears.

Yet, ought to be happen,

Some are idle (as a rock).

Again an irony!,

Even, rock is doing its work!


Life is a paradox..........

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