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My present place, Bapatla, formerly known as Bhavapuri, is a town and mandal of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located 40 miles (64 km) south of Guntur City on the East Coast. Once I was in Kerala, I never saw any remote areas. The specialty here is, we will get everything we want within a small distance, but not a single ‘native unorthodox mind’!! Unlike in Kerala, here people are more compassionate and caring.



The only thing I can’t tolerate here is hot climate and mosquitoes. I would ask for the organization of an anti-mosquito committee. The regional vehicle here is flat (a plank boarded at the back of a cycle). Around 10-15 guys will go in an auto here (each will put share of the total fare, ok!!).



I am fed up complaining about the climate and mosquitoes! So, thought of write something good. Here it rained today, and in my life for the first time I am feeling this much accomplished and loving rain! You know, when we don’t get something we crave for, for a long time, and when we get that unexpectedly, that will be the most happiest moment in our life. In life, only at times we would get such situations. This walk in rain was such a one for me! :D

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