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Ma cutie pie,

I planned a journey just to be with someone very special, the person for whom i am writing this letter (that SENTI MENTAL reason, which I didn’t tell you). Somehow swami was on my side arranging everything properly and according to my wish. It was like living one another dream. As I didn’t have a brother, I always used to think how it would feel like, what is the difference, what is that special with fighting with a brother, what is that special with a brother’s love etc etc. That very first day of our journey, we fought (‘argued’ in your terms) and I ended up in crying. But the beautiful part is once you were aware that I am crying, you just got concerned know!! It is a sweet feeling to fight with your bro, end up in crying and getting pampered by him. Sorry dear for that day, as I were not able to tell the reason for ma crying and troubling you. When it comes to swami and anything related to swami, I just can’t stand. You are an awesome bro.

The second day when we were about to go to our rooms, you asked me know, “oh you are angry as i didn’t get room for you?” it is not because of that, but, just that I feel insecure when I have to be away from my close ones (I know it’s difficult, will improve). That day when we got room, you called me ‘useless’ for not taking cell to mandir and not taking key from you from there. But I am thankful to swami for that, because, only because of that you came to room and gave the key, so that I didn’t have to go with the related procedures (Oye, bros should be like that).

Four awesome days flew off so early. 18th evening also we fought (you with the support of sruthy; I don’t care it seems, still I were bothered). But that day I cried thinking about my stupidity in being harsh with you. Sorry okei…come on; don’t be angry, I love you so much.

Do you remember telling me that you both will smile even if you are angry? For me, I can’t be like that. If I am angry, that will reflect on my face and that’s the same with any other feeling. I can’t help with that. I know, many times I irritated you so much. Still, I would continue, but won’t be more that those days. That was too much, I know. There was one more secret plan by pattechi and me that is not accomplished. Will tell you later.

Dear, I know, you also has got a time period in my life, as everyone. After that you also will have to leave. In your words, ‘KARMA’. Still, you will be my only younger bro, so cute, so lovely, who can bring tears in my eyes. Swami’s ways of relating people are different and awesome. Blood relations are nothing when it comes to divinely made relations. I just love you so much (don’t know..may be more than myself NOW).

It seems I am useless, jobless, hopeless, cries always, Senti mental, writing such a stupid letter..let this useless letter be in memory of our sweet relationship…this too will pass away (the most frightening but factual part of life). Love you dear…take care..

With love, care, wishes, paryers, hugs and kisses

Punnia chechi



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