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Yesterday I was about to go for a Yuva Vikas class at Nemom Sai Samithi in Trivandrum. I was asked to wait near a stadium by the education incharge of the Ookode Sai Samithi. I reached near the stadium 10 minutes early. A graceful face welcomed me there; Sooraj Kumar (for the sake of naming). He said he is a 4th standard student of some nearby school. As yesterday was republic day, it was holiday. When I asked what was in his cover, he showed me some old iron pieces and iron gadgets, which was meant to sell. He is a motherless child, still I could see all the grace, happiness and contentment in his face and his words. When I asked about the breakfast, he told that, they didn't cook anything as there were nothing left in the home. So his grandmother gave him those gadgets to sell and get money to buy something for breakfast. 


His eyes were fully satisfied for what he has and his smile was full of contentment and consideration. If such a small boy (beautiful in my words and to my eyes) can smile and talk open heartedly even in those situations, why can't we?! Instead we go behind more desires and luxuries. That small boy taught me a great principle of life and he has become a Guru for me. I saw Saima in him!





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Sam 02/01/2011 20:08

the more you have,the more you lack

puvi 02/02/2011 06:41

Sandeep 01/27/2011 08:42

we have a lot to learn from the children.. your blog remember this old statement.. and this time i am remembering an iranian film, 'CHILDREN OF HEAVEN' by majidi majid which i saw last month.. a
must watching movie.. try to watch if u not seen yet..

puvi 01/28/2011 05:20

thank you for the lovely comment...il watch the movie...tk care