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Having someone to love and to be loved is the most wonderful gift in the world. Here I am gifted with such a person in my life..! I am blessed with many friends, but never had a brother. Having a brother is like having someone to support you in all situations, mainly mental support. Although we three sisters (I am the middle one) used to fight each other, fighting with a brother is different! They will be dominating, unless they help us to! :D But that is as cute as fighting with a sister. JSo this post is dedicated for my lovely cute little brother, Harish. J This is for our small silly fights and quarrels, for our love and care and for the innocence and cuteness of our relationship.. A bunch of thanks for being such a wonderful brother and loving and caring me this much J


Probably you might be thinking that, will I ever write an article on a person, if he was my own brother. Of course, I won’t, because then I wouldn’t have understood the value of having a brother. Relationships in life need not be in blood! It comes to us either by blood or incidentally. That is the law of universe, meeting soul mates. Each soul is destined to meet its fragment soul mates. Here I met another fragment J

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sruthi 10/24/2011 11:43

loved this

puvi 10/25/2011 21:15