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It is really painful to hear the prolong wail in the God's own Country..The number is increasing, of the flung new borns and kids, day by day. Children are picked up from the road sides, dung-pits, sweepings, mother's cradle, etc..Many cases are reported and are reporting about such threw aways...

Whom to be blamed for this?Whether the mother, the father, the society, the customs, the culture....Helpless....Sigh...It is Kerala, the 100% literate state of the country as per reports, where such crimes are more. Can we blame ignorence?A synchronized effort from every field, like sociology, psychology, medical and health awareness, etc., have to be made to sort out this. But who is ready to take up this risk?A big question in front of each of the citizen! Increasing mother's cradles, ignorence, unawareness, psycheic problems, social barriers, cultural veils, are all responsible; All have to be reconstructed... It is possible, if each of us has a decision, a determination and work for the good end unitedly...

Inducement: Front page news on this topic in today's Mathrubhumi newspaper.

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College Research Paper 10/26/2009 13:07

Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

Sruthi 08/06/2009 19:07

Whom to be blamed?????????? It's yet a BIG QUESTION to be answered......