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The idea of wriing my views on these uncertain words has its birth after I had a conversation with Jithin chettan (my senior) yesterday. We were having a wee bit of chatting about his ICAR entrance examination for MSc which he wrote last month. At the end of our talk he told that even though we work hard it is luck that decides everything...!

My view goes like this- We all are lucky...A life which has got the sense to know God (or any power you blieve in) is lucky!! From the time when my memory got static, I was craving to do MBBS course. I worked hard the whole one year, spending whole my energy and brain to prepare for medical entrance. But fate carried me to here, College of  Agriculture, Vellayani.Iam not saying that it is my misfortune that brought me here, but my good fortune..Because, if  I get MBBS, I will never get this much exposure in various fields of knowledge; I'll not become this much co-operative; this much enduring; even will not be introduced to this blogging! You may think that Iam just creating these thoughts to hide my grief in not getting entry for MBBS.I swear Iam not.. I had such woe-be-gone thoughts for some days after the publishing of our result.But, when I pondered more, my self told me, it is best to work for what is meant for you rather than going behind a mirage!

From my experiance I would say that luck is purely what we believe and the strength of our self confidence. If we believe that, IT IS MEANT FOR ME, or if we have that confidence, IT WILL BE! Now I discover that, what I lacked during my entrance preparation was my faith; my belief; my self confidence. But Iam happy that HE wiped these from me to get introduced to the heritage of knowledge, Agriculture..

We all have desires, aims and dreams. But how many of us have ever contemplated about our needs!!!From the time of our birth till our death, Something has planned by Someone (God, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, or what ever power you believe in)pertaining to ourself.Everything goes or happens only in that direction! It doesn't mean that we shouldn't work.We should work upto our full satisfaction..We do each and everything for our satisfaction only!!!One saying goes like this- Man Proposes,God Disposes. But Iam saying, it should be like this- Man Desires, God Professes The Needs..!

I fear that, we have deviated a bit from the topic! Come again to luck! We are lucky that God(or any power you have faith) gives us all the chances to invent ourselves; to ponder our being; to see our soul (means my self for me and your self for you) without a veil!!!!!!!

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Dissertation Writing 02/22/2010 07:56

Wonderful article, thanks for putting this together! "This is obviously one great post. Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here. Keep it up!"

Hermionie 02/22/2010 08:11

thank you..

JASEEM 07/08/2009 14:02

Luck has its own role in everyone's life.. i think God shows the rightway to us in the form of luck or unluck.If we have great desire,then we have to consider badluck as God's experiment.

Hermionie 07/09/2009 12:43

yep...ya that point is correct..both luck nd unluck are god's experimenting tools! i agree..
but we could get through His experiment only when we we are able to use our will power which He has gifted us..

JASEEM 07/08/2009 13:57

YA...LUCK is in all the cases...In my view,God will lead us in the form of luck or unluck in the right direction.....Sometimes we say it is badluck for me.... we have to think in that situation that god is experimenting us (if great desire is there) then try for it.......