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Something haunting is hugging me tightly.
Tightly, that I can't escape!
All my efforts to escape
End in vein...

Can find my soul
Trapped in a fog.
It is sobbing,
Without finding a way!
All crevices discovered
Getting locked up...

Feeling difficult to take breath..
Heart beat is lowering,
Lowering and nearing to victory point..
Arms and limbs are fading,
Fading like a looser's face..
Can't hear the symphony of fiddle,
But only the sound of breaking its string..
Can't find anything charming,
But only the poverty ridden eyes..
Can't feel the fervour of love,
But only the selfish mendacity..

Craving to escape from this..
But how?!
From this vicious cycle..
As farther Iam running,
As closer it is getting...
As faster Iam fleeing,
As faster it is chasing...

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