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Chithra came over after fighting with PH, who is trying hard to have a tight sleep as she has 'xam tomorrow. Actually this room (above mentioned ones') is the result of my seek for a peaceful place today, to puke the woe be gone thoughts that have stuck in my throat.. Iam out of conceit with even chatting with pals for some days. The commencement of this grievance is the last benumbed Whole College General Body Meeting(GB) and the followed frozen procession!!!,I think.

Our college,College Of Agriculture, Vellayani, is a RED FORT of comrades(proud to be one). Each nook and corner of my college is a herald of SFI(Students' Federation of India). If any of you finds, this sounds a bit awkward, Iam helpless! These three words means a lot for us,THE COAs...Our college is nothing;we are nothing; without these three words... Since we entered the campus, we have been learning; understanding more and moreabout the necessity of this union for students, especially in this govt. research cum education institution.(Strictly saying, Iam speaking not in the political sense. If you feel so, I beg your pardon). It is this SFI only that brings together the four batches in this college under an umbrella. Each student of this college bears a static calmness as well as revolution in his mind and soul. There were times, when we roared each slogan with that fervour; There were times, when we sat holding our breath tightly for GBs. When Jaseem chettan and all start talking for any GB we couldnot stop thinking and acting over that. But, the last GB and procession was against all these and to be specific that bored to death. We were in time for every GB after one in which we were scolded for being late.

Now that leadership has changed. Leaders who take that much freedom has vanished....

Everything has changed. Concepts have changed. Views have changed. That ardour and vigour has shrunken in words only.I tremble with fear, now there is none to roar a slogan! Changes are always welcome.But, changes which makes the youth to sleep for long, wasting energy & power and making them to mere corpses is intolerable. Feeling like a huge strength is leaking out..Feeling like the beginning for the fall of a Powerful Kingdom... It is the destiny; it is the nature's law, that everything should change; that everyone should change; that everywhere should change.... Let us pray for no change for these ardouring words:-


-Che Guevera

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College Research Paper 10/26/2009 13:00

Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

jaseem 06/23/2009 14:22

yes,that's right.I hadn't forgotten that point(lack of opposition).I diddn't mention because everyone know this is the problem...Self critic cass general bodies & executive Committees can improve the situation in a better way..

Hermionie 06/22/2009 06:23

thnx to jaseem chettan nd gama 4 ur valuable reply goes like this:i think present leaders lack a wee bit of responsibility to the campus..may be cuz,there is none to oppose or we think that everything is on right path here!!cant blame anyone particularly...all have a hand in this situation.i think struggle is the way to existence nd ideologies and the following, in our campus as all are in front of the words of sfi,there is no any struggling.i hope our present leaders lack so-called do's as jaseem chettan mentioned...lack that motivation in present leaders' words.....

jaseem 06/20/2009 13:36


i have to appreciate your regards.....Change come in existance because of thoughts.....Your way of writing is so good & go on your creative regards...................Jaseem

jaseem 06/20/2009 13:31

i am iterating that change is inevitable(as You ende Your blog).In Our Campus we can contribute more to changes than outside world.(You look... how many students are there in our college)

Give Your valuable comments in class GB's.& also give mental support to leaders&&&&&finally.... be a leader...(i hope you are in College union).There should not be any marking/line between leaders & others....Overa all we are students or laymen with responsibilities and social commitment......