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Nee vanneela?
Karimbadavumayi, MARANAME.......

DEATH- It is a silent fear concealed in every multitude of living beings. To speak about death authoritatively, Iam nothing; or none can do that, as it is the ultimate end in this physical world. Here the word 'physical world' is emphatic as the other (if exists) is a transcendence. One of my folly desires is to taste death and feel the world beyond the same and speak out loudly what it is or how it is!!! But, it will be weird to live in this physical world knowing the coverts of death.


Science says that there is an energy flow in every multitude of living beings. By the Law Of Conservation Of Energy: Energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed but can transformed from one form to another. So a least apprehension,WHERE DOES THIS ENERGY GO AFTER DEATH!!!!!!!!! That is why, before I mentioned about so-called physical world. Death is a word of freedom for the soul, or that special form of energy; may be!


Poetically, death is a guest who appears without any summon. Yes, it is.... At this moment, the moment Iam typing this, my death can happen! (Thank God, it doesnot and I may complete this!). The moment you read this, your turn may come!!! Yes, it is a hidden silent fear.It is an unsolved mystery. It is a covert attic, which protects the secrets of cosmos! Living beings are scared of death because of its mystic nature; because of its uncertainity...

Death can be an interval for a holy process to occur again (that is, death). It can be a preparatory phase for another flower to bloom! However, it is still AN UNRAVELLED MYSTERY..........

Never think that Iam speaking authoritatively or with complete knowledge in this subject. But, these are my doubts; my simple quaries or confusions.These are the thorns in my quest on this topic!!!!!!!!!

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Prince 06/04/2009 09:22

I could not read it completely...but I hope to do so soon.I think Its worth reading...

Sruthi 06/02/2009 05:05

I think death is a blissful sleep.