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It was the first rocking experiance for me to attend a rock concert gifted by my elder half. I was not that a fan of rock music. But after attending that smashing metal concert I've become one.

The funny thing which striked me there was the rhythmic shaking of the head of a dog-like devotee, as if he was lost in that concert and trod on air. His curley upright aviery was dancing rhythmically. One guy came to hit me and knocked down to the ground himself. I would be there on the ground with him,if I didn't take a helping of his striking. I hardly got the glance of his face, as he was a gigantic and i was just upto his hip(lol..). The other thing which called my attention there was the epistotles printed on a guy's t-shirt. I only remember the preface of that epistolory, Guns n'  Roses. I wonder!, is there any relation between a gun and a rose!! Yes there is.. A man with a gun in his hand can also appreciate the fragrance of a rose..(lol)

Hey...we have gone so far. Anyway, let me terminate now. The concert came to the end of its first half by 4.00pm and we had to rush to the home after treading some more time there.

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punnia 05/13/2009 10:44

yes,itz an american rock band.

sam 05/11/2009 13:37

guns and roses i suppose is an english album

sruthi 03/30/2009 09:29

Dear Guns N' Roses is an American rock band, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1985. Nyway im so happy tht i cud give u the best rocking experience............ Lets Metal......